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Flavor Futures: Savoring Insights for Brand Empowerment


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    Marketing Agency

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    Marketing and Research

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    Web Application

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    Agile Software Development

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    11 (1 Project Manager, 1 Business Analyst, 3 BE Developers, 3 FE Developers, Developers, UI/UX Designer, 2 QA Engineers )


Marketing Agency faced several challenges in providing an innovative market research solution for the food production industry.

  • Tools for market research

    Lack of efficient and easily managed tools for conducting market research and analyzing consumer opinions.

  • Dependency on Third-Party Services

    Technical problems with third-party services (Azure) that supply respondents could interrupt the platform's ability to operate effectively across various regions.

  • Simultaneous collaboration of several users

    The need for a collaborative platform that allows team members to work on projects simultaneously.

  • Respondent recruitment and verification

    Risk of incorrect data due to respondents providing false information about critical demographics such as age and gender.

  • Cybersecurity and Data Integrity Challenge

    Vulnerability to cyber-attacks that could disable the InsightMe service temporarily and compromise sensitive internal data, leading to potential reputational damage and financial losses.

Value-Driven Results

Platform significantly improved ability to offer a cutting-edge market research solution to the food production industry, enhancing efficiency, collaborative efforts, and data-driven decision-making.

  • By providing real-time feedback and comprehensive analytics, InsightMe helps food production businesses make informed decisions swiftly, aligning closely with market dynamics.

  • The platform reduces the time spent by marketers in collecting and analyzing data, thus speeding up the marketing strategy refinement process.

  • With advanced respondent filtering and real-time data verification, the platform ensures the accuracy and reliability of the market data collected.

  • Features such as data security, backup solutions, and robust infrastructure help mitigate operational risks like data loss, hacking, and service downtime.

  • By automating and streamlining market research processes, InsightMe reduces operational costs associated with traditional market research methods and personnel.

  • The cloud-based solution ensures that the platform can scale according to user demand and adapt to various operational sizes, from small enterprises to large corporations.

By addressing these challenges, our solution enabled the logistics company to operate more efficiently, ensure driver safety and compliance, and enhance communication across the organization. This resulted in improved overall performance and customer satisfaction.


In response to these challenges, we developed a comprehensive solution that addressed the logistics company's needs

Test CreationUsers can create customized tests with various question types, catering to specific research needs.
Real-Time AnalyticsThe platform allows users to view and analyzes test responses as they come in, providing immediate insights.
Team CollaborationThe platform supports team functionalities, enabling multiple users to work on a project concurrently.
Report GenerationUsers can generate and export detailed reports based on test responses, aiding in decision-making.
Multilingual SupportOffers the platform in multiple languages to cater to a global audience, making it easier for businesses to conduct international market research.
Predictive Analytics ToolIntegrates predictive models that help forecast future trends based on the collected data, providing businesses with a proactive tool for planning their strategies.

Tools & Technologies

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    Ruby on Rails

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  • Project Tools

    JIRA for tracking development progress, Confluence, Miro

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